How to Install your Sensory Pod Swing

How to Setup your Pod Hanging Seat

1. Put together the Seat and Cushion

A. Get out the hanging seat, the cushion, and the pump

B. Layout the cushion inside the zipper pouch of the seat. Make sure the air nozzle is easy to access

C. Connect the pump hose to the blue nozzle on the pump. Then put the nose of the pump hose into the air nozzle on the cushion:

D. Tell the air cushion that you’re about to pump it up. Then proceed to pump it up:

E. Find the right balance of pumped up, comfortable, and being able to close the zipper on the seat. Once you have, push in the air nozzle on the cushion and zip up the seat.

2. Connect the Ceiling Hook to the Ceiling

A. Find a joist in your ceiling. If you have a stud finder, then you can use that to locate the joist. If you don’t here are some tips on finding a joist:

In most modern houses, the joists are either 16 or 24 inches apart from each other. So from the edge of where your wall meets your ceiling, measure out 16 inches and use your knuckle to knock on the ceiling. You are trying to determine a hollow sound versus a solid sound.

If the knocking sounds solid, you’ve found a joist. If is sounds hollow, try to measure out 24 inches from the edge of your ceiling and see if a joist is there. If it isn’t, you may need to try the other direction of your ceiling, since joists only run one direction.

Once you have located your first joist and know if they are 16 or 24 inches apart, you’ll have an easy time locating one in the area you’d like to hang the seat at.

To install the ceiling hook, you’ll need to drill holes into the joist to put in the bolts. A 5/16” lag bolt is recommended. Use the ceiling hook to measure where to drill the holes. Mark the holes with a pencil.

Note: Some joists may not be wide enough to fit all four bolts. If that is the case, align at least two of the bolts along the joist, these two bolts will suffice to support the seat

1. Use the ceiling hook to measure where to drill the holes. Mark the holes with a pencil

2. Drill into the joist where your pencil markings are. Do this for each hole

3. Clean out the hole using a brush, vacuum or blowing into it. Make sure to cover your eyes so you don’t get dust into them. Do this for each hole

4. Put the ceiling hook up to the hole, then screw the bolt through the ceiling hook into the drilled hole

5. Use a wrench to tighten the bolt.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other screws.

3. Connect the Pod Seat to the Ceiling Hook

A. Connect the carabineer to the pod hanging seat

B. Connect the carabineer to the ceiling hook you just installed.

C. If the seat is too high at this point, you may need to use a rope to extend the seat lower to the floor.

4. Test the weight of the seat

Before letting your child play on the seat, pull down on it hard to test the weight and make sure if was installed correctly. Once you’ve tested it, go ahead and let your child play away!

Safety Information / Warnings

Please take all of this information seriously before letting your child onto the seat. Harkla is not responsible for any injuries of improper setup and use of the seat.

  • The seat is designed for children 3 years or older
  • The seat is designed to hold up to 150
  • The seat recommended maximize height of the seat is two feet from the ground to the bottom of the seat
  • The seat is not designed to be spun around in circles. Doing so may damage the seat, ceiling hook, or carabineer

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