How to Install Your Sensory Compression Swing

Watch our Video on Installation


  1. Locate a joist in your ceiling

If you have a stud finder, you can use that to properly and accurately locate the joist and skip to the following page.

If you don’t have a stud finder here are some tips on finding a joist:

In most modern houses, the joists are either 16 or 24 inches apart from each other. So from the edge of where your wall meets your ceiling, measure out 16 inches and use your knuckles to knock on the ceiling. The areas between joists will produce a hollow, resonant sound, while the joists will produce a shorter, firmer sound. If the knocking sounds short, solid and firm, you’ve found a joist.

If it sounds hollow, measure out 24 inches from the edge of your ceiling and determine if a joist is there. If it isn’t, you may need to try the other direction of your ceiling, since joists only run one direction. Once you’ve located a joist, if you know how far apart they are spaced and how they are laid out, you can quickly find the next one by using a tape measure and measuring out either 16 or 24 inches. Locate and choose a joist that it is best suited for your desired space.

  1. Connect the Ceiling Hook to the Ceiling

Use the ceiling hook to measure where to drill the holes.

Mark the holes with a pencil. Use an electric drill to drill pilot holes into the ceiling joist where your pencil markings are.

Select a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the bolt. Drill into the mark you made slightly deeper than the length of the bolt’s threaded shaft. The pilot hole will allow you to screw the bolt into the ceiling by hand without it binding up or breaking. If the hole is too wide, the thread of the bolt won’t have anything to grab onto. If it is too shallow, you will have a hard time screwing the hook in all the way.

Clean out the holes using a brush, vacuum or blowing into it. Be sure to cover your eyes clearing out dust.

Put the ceiling hook up to the ceiling, aligning to the holes, then tightly screw the bolt through the ceiling hook into the drilled hole.

Use a wrench to tighten the bolts.

  1. Tie the Compression Swing to the Rescue 8

Click here to watch a super helpful video showing how to attached the swing to the Rescue 8

  1. Connect the Swing to the Ceiling Hook

Insert one carabiner to the small top circle of the Rescue 8.

Connect the carabiner to the ceiling hook.

Depending on the height of your ceiling or space, the swing is most likely hanging too high above the floor or ground for safe use. We recommend that the maximum swing height of the seat is 2 feet (measured from the ground to the bottom of the swing).

To adjust the hanging height of the swing we recommend using the included second carabiner and daisy chain.

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