How to Inflate the Harkla Hug

  1. You’ll find three valves on the Harkla Hug: two on the outside & one on the inside bottom. The valves have two openings: one larger two-way opening & one smaller one-way ‘top off’ opening. You should not try to inflate the Harkla Hug with your mouth, instead use the electric pump provided.
  2. Starting with the inside bottom, place the correct attachment of the electric pump into the larger two-way opening and turn on the electric pump to inflate. When the majority of the section is inflated, quickly remove the electric pump from the large two-way opening of the valve and close it tightly with the plug.
  3. Top off the air in the newly inflated section with the same attachment of the electric pump by using the top smaller one-way ‘top-off’ opening. Note: The electric pump piece will not fit inside the smaller opening, rather lay flat on top.
  4. Continue by inflating the two outside valves of the Harkla Hug, making sure the sides are even. Add more or less air into the bottom section depending on how much you’d prefer your Harkla Hug to rock back & forth. The less inflated the bottom is, the less it will rock back & forth.
  5. Finish by pushing the entire valve inward to lay flush & comfortably inside the Harkla Hug.

(To deflate, pull the entire valve outward so it sticks outside of the Hug once again & open the larger two-way valve opening.

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